Mum’s heartbreak as ‘happy and selfless’ son dies after fighting rare brain cancer

A mum has been left heartbroken after her “happy and selfless” son died of a rare form of brain cancer.

Fraser McAllister, 18, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, bravely fought his rare illness, known as anaplastic glioneuronal tumour, since his diagnosis two years ago.

In June Fraser shared his journey seeking to raise awareness about the drug that is used to treat patients which saw him travel to Paris.

Although the drug was ‘difficult to find’ Coraline Molloy, Frasers mum says, it was able to alleviate some of Frasers symptoms and had a positive impact.

Sadly Fraser died at his home in East Renfrewshire.

His mum, Caroline Molloy, remembers her son Fraser, as a “happy selfless boy who didn’t like to upset anyone. He thought of others before himself. That’s just the way Fraser was.

“He wanted to get on with everyone, and he would’ve been a hard worker.”

Fraser’s mother now carries his legacy, continuing to raise awareness of the trial treatment known as ONC201.

“Fraser wanted to highlight this drug, and I want to keep highlighting his story for him”, Caroline added.

Earlier this year Fraser spoke of his cancer journey which began in 2018.

‘I had severe pressure in my head that didn’t ease and I also nearly fell in the house. My head felt like it was going to blow up, my mobility was reduced and we headed to hospital,’ he explained.

Fraser began the ONC201 treatment on his return from Paris. The drug is understood for having a high success rate but not a cure to cancer.

“He had had six doses of this new drug all in, and each week his symptoms would change. First of all it had helped his eyes, then the next he could feel his mouth.

But the treatment wasn’t able to cure the tumour, ‘he fought so hard and he didn’t once complain, no matter what he went through.’

Fraser’s brain tumour was located at the back of his head his mum shares, ‘nobody knew which way it was going to go. We were devastated.’

Revealed by his scans before he died, unfortunately his tumour had later spread to the brain stem.

Caroline said: “His cancer was explained to me like a spider’s web, it just keeps growing until it suffocates.

“After the scan on Friday we asked how long he had and they told us it could’ve been a few weeks or a few days. But I still never thought he would’ve passed on Sunday.”

Fraser fought for illness bravely, his mum now continues to share his story, adding, ‘He always wanted a platform to raise his story to make people aware.’