Blizzard invites Diablo “experts” for the first closed Diablo IV beta test

When it comes to the most anxiously awaited video game sequels, Diablo IV (D4) arguably tops the list. Diablo III launched in 2012, and by 2017 fans were ready for more. However, Blizzard remained silent on that front and continued cranking out end-game content. Diablo 3 entered its 27th season in August, just as D4 began moving into its final testing phase.

In the latest Developer Update, Game Director Joe Shely and Franchise General Manager Rod Fergusson had some pretty exciting news (below). Diablo IV is entering its testing phase, with the first closed beta occurring in October. More importantly, fans have a chance to score an invite to the test and be one of the first to try the game.

Blizzard is looking for players with experience in the end-game content of Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo III, and Diablo Immortal. Developers will look at various gameplay metrics from these games and send invites to a large but limited number of players willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

If you are a regular seasonal player, you are already in the running. To ensure you don’t miss your invite, Blizzard says to go to your account settings and check the box to receive news and special offers. This checkbox is located under the “Privacy & Communication” tab.

If you are not a regular player, you still have a chance at an invite. Just set up the same communication settings mentioned above and start playing end-game content for any of the three games. Do not play the campaign, as this will not increase the stats Blizzard uses to decide who gets invited.

Invitees will have a selection of game modes available, including Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers of the Dead, and Fields of Hatred. Those interested can find details of each in Blizzard’s blog.

Players reaching level 50 during the beta will also gain access to the Paragon Boards. These are account-wide stat boosts players can spend as they wish on any level-capped character. The Paragon system is massively different from Diablo III’s, this time around. If you’re interested, Blizzard did a brief overview last December.

Players have until October 11 to update their communication settings and get in some end-game playtime. Blizzard will then send out invites with further instructions. Testing should commence on October 18 for an undisclosed period.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get invited, don’t be disappointed. Blizzard has an open beta planned for early 2023. Again, this will only be end-game content since developers do not want to spoil any of Diablo IV’s story before release.